The following candidates will be contesting the position of PRESIDENT

Kamohelo Seleke_photo.jpeg


SASCO Candidate

Course of Study:

Bachelor of Social Sciences ( Politics and Sociology)



The time of students being treated as a student number must cease to exist, Universities must Humanize Student Experience. Going into Office, we will advocate for Access, Support and Success.


We will as we have in 2020, reject the process of private accommodation accreditation as it will leave students with no accommodation. The UFS must at the end of each year generate its own list for registrations and not wait for a list from NSFAS.


We will scrap Global Protect and give students Data. There must be no Academic Exclusions, during the course of a pandemic, we will widen student representation in Appeals meetings. Students must have access to campus facilities such as the library and computer Labs.


We will reprioritise the infrastructure budget, into renovating the dilapidated residences on campus and building new residences., we will intensify the off-campus security that was delivered by the SASCO SRC

Thoka Jerry EFFSC.jpg



EFFSC Candidate

Course of Study:

BSc Actuarial Science


The EFFSC will give the students of the University of Free State (UFS) a radical student representative council (SRC) at both institutional and campus level, whose character of advocacy and representation will be pro-students and student-centred at all material times.


We will advocate for an immediate decentralization and enhancement of all student support systems at UFS to fit the current online teaching and learning (OTL) environment.

We will encourage the continuation of infrastructural development towards an increased residential capacity in the university and off-campus university owned properties.


We will work closely with student faculty councils to ensure that faculties and departments work on a reasonable and workable curriculum framework and academic content delivery, including examinations timetable.


We will ensure that UFS becomes a financial exclusion free institution that values academic merits and excellence over financial gains. This will include advocating for the eradication of registration fee.


The following candidates will be contesting the position of DEPUTY PRESIDENT

Loretta Mosito EFFSC.jpg



EFFSC Candidate

Course of Study:

Postgraduate Diploma General Accountancy


As the EFFSC-UFS believes in a radical Student Representative Council. As a head of disciplinary committee a disciplined, effective and functional SRC will be my main focus to ensure that we have an operational elected SRC.

Academic Exclusion and Faculty progression rules

The EFFSC-led SRC of the UFS will continue the #StudentMustGraduate which include focus on informing

students with progression rules with the help of faculty academic council and academic advisers, effective study methods and provide study materials.

Students Parliament 

SRC should be held accountable, therefore I will form a blended students parliament

SRC code of conduct

As I advocate for a radical SRC, every resource deployed to all Offices of the SRC should be effectively used to help students. I will form a working team to audit all offices of the SRCs including their functionality, effectiveness and the conduct of every member.

Esona Yapi_Deputy President_photo.jpeg



SASCO Candidate

Course of Study:



The goal of empowerment is the advancement of knowledge and the dissemination of the truth.


It is imperative to ensure Accountability of student leaders and to Educate, Engage and Empower the everyday student.

To achieve transparency, integrity and accountability, there needs to be a body independent of the CSRC with the power not only to investigate misconduct or breeches in the constitution but also make a ruling on such matters. This body shall be the Campus Student Parliament. All members of CSRC shall be part of CSP. All offices of CSRC shall submit a bimonthly progress report to CSP. The CSP shall have the power to move a motion of no confidence and therefore be able to recall a member of parliament.


The office of Deputy President in collaboration with the office of Policy and transformation will be forming a policy consulting committee and a know your rights campaign aimed at educating students on policy and student rights, engaging them on how they are affected by policies and empowering them with the knowledge they need to protect themselves from victimisation.


The following candidates will be contesting the position of SECRETARY

Ayanda Dlova EFFSC.jpg



EFFSC Candidate

Course of Study:

Bachelor of Social Science Industrial Psychology and Psychology



  • The office of the secretary will make it a necessity to update students about any developments made by the SRC which affects students in any manner.

  • Students will be regularly informed about any issue that needs the attention of both students and the SRC.


  • The office of the secretary will identify vulnerable students who are not identified by their faculties to return, to have access to campus so as to have full access to libraries and computer labs and all other facilities they might need for the success of the current academic year. Identification will be done by collaborating with other structures such as faculty councils, residence councils and office of Commuter students.

  • Assure that all SRC members are accessible to students by having online sessions in which they account.

Simphiwe Zonke_Photo.jpeg



SASCO Candidate

Course of Study:

PGD.Gov & political transformation


Every well-functioning organization or structure must have an effective and dedicated Secretary general. This also applies to the office of the secretary in the SRC. The office of the secretary is crucial in that it holds the administration processes of the SRC as well as the tasks that they decide to engage in. The obstacles that I have particularly observed historically concerning this office is that there has not always been clear and effective communication between the SRC and the student constituency at large.

The most accessible member in the SRC must be the secretary, it is therefore the duty of the secretary to relay to the SRC the concerns of the students. In this digital era, we need to be aware of the dynamics and take into cognisance the various techniques that can be available to the students in ensuring that they are in touch with their SRC.


With regards to the administration, the secretary needs to ensure that the SRC fulfils its duties on behalf of the students they pledged to serve.


The following candidates will be contesting the position of TREASURER

Thandiwe Kula_photo.jpeg



SASCO Candidate

Course of Study:

Bachelor of Administration honours


I am availing myself for the position of Treasurer of the SRC 2021. The office of treasury is known for its duty to handle the day-to-day administration of the finances of the SRC.


The treasurer is the fundraising engine of the SRC. My vision for the office of treasury is to work towards the common goal of ensuring that we all have access to free quality education through various financial mechanisms that will work towards improving and accelerating financial inclusion.


I believe I am the right candidate for this office because I poses the relevant skills required. I have been involved in various leadership structures in the institution.


My main goal is to work towards re-establishing the SRC fund which I believe, will bring solutions to the current problems faced by students in the university. If I would be elected, I would ensure efficient and effective financial administration.

Orefile Sefika EFFSC.jpg



EFFSC Candidate

Course of Study:

Advanced Diploma in Theology


As someone who is contesting under a movement that advocates for free quality decolonized education for all. My manifesto mainly addresses exclusions that exist at UFS.


  • No student that can apply themselves academically should be excluded. My first duty when I get into office is to establish a financial task team and make it a standing committee recognized by the university

  • All students who are eligible to graduate should graduate regardless of outstanding fees. It does not make sense that we fight for students to be registered and only for them to fail to graduate because of financial constraints.

  • Scraping of all interest fees on all outstanding accounts!

  • Decentralization of NSFAS offices. We’ve seen how students struggle with Nsfas related issues.

  • The University should be transparent about subsidies they receive from government for post-graduate research papers published.


The following candidates will be contesting the position of






Course of Study:

B.A History, Politics and Philosophy



Having served in over 15 leadership positions, and in every tier of student leadership. I offer myself as an experienced leader who has, from my days as an EC to being an RC, Vice Prime, Chairperson of Kovsie Pride Society, and Deputy Speaker of Student Parliament, always had the students' interest in mind.

Mine is a 20 point manifesto strategy which is about the transformative agenda, religious rights, standing up for LGBTQIA++ rights, the rights of womxn, student press freedom, vulnerable students, student minorities, mental health, policy development, environmental sustainability and a Just System. With flagship policies such as the reinstallation and constitutionalisation of Student Court, an Ad Hoc Gender Committee to address, create, review and implement policy concerning womxn and the LGBTQIA++ community.


To know more, feel free to contact me on 0737275739


Educate, Participate, Liberate

Nomphumelelo Khoza_photo.jpeg


SASCO Candidate

Course of Study:

BSocS Extended



“Transformation for inclusivity and cooperation”


After having been in the SRC Executive committee of and Policy and Transformation I am familiar with university policies. I was also the Chairperson of the UFS Rovers and I learned leadership and negotiation skills. I will mainly be focused on:


  • The improvement of the ITP

  • The radical implementation of the ITP policies

  • Residence admission policies revision

  • Student Representation in Selection Committees


Displace the word “Kovsie”

We call for the removal of the racist term Kovsie, derived from Universiteits Kollege van die Oranje Vrystaat, later known as UKOVS. Which is now used as a nickname by the Institution, it is not inclusive to Black students as it’s a name that refers to an institution that excluded black students. I will release a survey for students to suggest a new name


Policy awareness is very important, students are not aware of university policies, therefore they do not know which procedures to follow. For this reason, I will Collaborate with the office of the vice president to form a Policy Consulting Committee, this committee will be dedicated to raising awareness university policies, fighting for student’s rights as well as assisting students with Appeals; with the aim to educate, engage and empower. They will also be in charge of hosting the Policy week. I will also collaborate with the Unit for Institutional change on campus.

Vusumzi Gqalane EFFSC.jpg



EFFSC Candidate

Course of Study:

Governance and Political Transformation


  • Social inclusion that does not discriminate  against  Gender,  sex orientation, race, nationality or ethnicity  amongst others. 

  • Ensure that policies are not only passed on paper but a practically  implemented . 

  • Review of varies University  policies and rectify them for the virtue of student voice.   

  • Promoting a disability  Welcoming environment.

  • Bringing informative measures & sessions that will encourage  all Leadership structures to learn and understand  policies  for the betterment  of their constituency. 

  • A rapid review of residences renaming, symbols, publics spaces and buildings .

  • Fighting access  to post graduate studies for black students.​

  • Interrogation of Residence  Culture, Policies and procedures to promote non-sexist , non racial  and oppose tribalism, patriarchy,  homophobia, religious and cultural  intolerance.



The following candidates will be contesting the position of


Ofentse Ntsane_Photo.jpeg


SASCO Candidate

Course of Study:



My name is Ofentse Ntsane, founder and chairperson of African Students Union. Which is an organization that seeks to improve the quality of education.



I am contesting for the portfolio of student development and First generation students. My plans for the office will revolve around ensuring that students have the mechanism to succeed and graduate, mental well-being of students and food security.


Under ensuring that students have the mechanism to succeed and graduate. I plan on,

  • Ensuring that the “R(e)volution” which is an initiative which seeks to give students entrepreneurs a physical space on campus to sell their products becomes a success.

  • Restructuring the mentorship program to make it more accommodating to off-campus             students and First generation students

  • Collaboration with various offices to ensure that all students are prioritized in every program planned by the office.


Vote for good leadership and accountability

Picture 1.png



Course of Study:

Bachelor of Arts (political science & criminology)



  • Collaborate with various university stake holders and NGOs to ensure access to information concerning (bursaries, scholarship, entrepreneurship seminars and skills) And respond to immediate issues of students concerning lack of funds to purchase textbook, food insecurity and stationery

  • Create a home away from home atmosphere to all students which allow inclusivity, participation amongst our diverse students and creating A sense of belonging for students through student communities in collaboration with CUADS.

  • Making sure no first year (on/off campus) is left behind.

Tshiamo Sebolai EFFSC.jpg


EFFSC Candidate

Course of Study:

Bachelor of Social Science (Industrial Psychology & Psychology)


Previously disadvantaged students make the greater fraction of First Generation students, it is for this reason that I will prioritize: 

  • Academic support for all first generation students. Being the first student in the family, these students have no one else to turn to but the university and its support structures. Therefore, these should be accommodative and emphatic to First Generation students.

  • Free registration for First Generation students. Coming from a background of little to no insight about the university and its prerequisites to register, these students are at once met with exorbitant fees aimed to demotivate them from pursuing their dreams. 

  • Laptops for First Generation students . Working with the office of the TG funds will be raised and set aside specifically for First Generation students to be capacitated and set up for success in the higher education space. These gadgets are not luxuries but necessities. 

  • Seminars for the development of students. It has become the norm at UFS for students to enrol, battle with the system and if victorious, graduate. This is not conducive especially for optimal academic performance. Therefore, unwinding events like socials (organized per faculty) will help ease the academic pressure intended by the university. 

  • Promotion of extramural activities. As we may well know that we are all intelligent in our own unique ways. In order to develop students holistically extramural activities will help enhance talents while revealing hidden ones.


The following candidates will be contesting the position of


Lusanda Feleza_photo.jpeg



SASCO Candidate

Course of Study:

BScoSci majoring in Psychology and Industrial Psychology


There have been many concerns brought up by students about their living conditions and issues off-campus.


The environment for commuters is not a full-on varsity experience like it is for on campus students, social contact is therefore limited and it is actually vital for the enhancement of students learning and developments.


The duties of the commuter students office are to put off-campus students first, to advocate for the inclusion of commuters and dealing with the day-to-day challenges of commuter students.


The aim right now is to modify and utilise city college which was initiated for the sole purpose of providing a community where commuters are not left out. Also, we aim to work on providing efficient and reliable safety and transportation.


Lastly, it is important that we look into the challenge of  accreditation and institutionalise accreditation of spaces that students occupy off-campus.

Rakwata Marumo_independent.JPG



Course of Study:

LLB Final Year


  • Addressing issue of student accommodation, accreditation, and inclusivity for all.

  • Prioritize safety of all students.

  • Ensuring emergency residence for Commuter Students are accessible.

  • Alleviating food insecurity for poor students

  • Providing Mentorship support to all 1st year Commuter Students

  • Ensuring that all students can access all support services provided by the Institution.

  • Commuter Students office will be accessible to all students.

  • Working together with ward councillors to ensure there is service delivery where students live.

  • Ensuring that students sign contract with reliable service providers.

  • Ensuring that service providers deliver good service to our students.

  • Enforce the law to unfair treatment and illegal conducts of landlords.


Slogan :A candidate committed to building a road for a better tomorrow

Dimpho Mokhoantle EFFSC.jpg


EFFSC Candidate

Course of Study:

Bachelor Education


The most immediate pressing issue for commuter students is safety. Not just when they commute from their accommodations to campus but, within these accommodations as well. The primary goal of my office is to ensure that the culture of private house owners (or landlords) giving students sub-par housing ends. All private accommodation houses must be safe. Landlords must provide students with houses that are habitable and protects the dignity of students. My office will also ensure that that the university of Free State commits to ensuring that all its students, whether on or off campus are protected and safe. Secondly, the university itself should stop ignoring the fact that majority of its students reside off-campus, therefore it should direct majority of its funds and resources towards commuter students. This includes but not limited to funding for social activities for commuter students. There should be a flexible and free transportation mode for students residing off-campus, including Thaba Nchu and Botshabelo. Strides have been made thus far and my duty is to ensure that I see this project through during my term in this office. My office will also work to ensure that commuter students have access to all facilities on campus, without having to belong to an on-campus structure.

I commit to making sure that I continue ensuring that  there is a sense of belong for commuter students