A number of options are available for you to cast your vote online:

  1. You will be able to vote using a Smartphone, a Laptop Computer, a Desktop Computer or a Tablet.

  2. You will also be able to vote from a KIOSK located at THAKANENG BRIDGE and GATE 5 on campus. Election officials will be available at each kiosk to assist where necessary. Please be aware that COVID-19 protocols will have to be followed. You will have to wear a mask to be allowed to vote using the kiosks.

  3. You will need a stable connection to the internet

  4. By the 1st day of voting you will have received an email from the Chief Electoral Officer containing your unique ACCESS KEY and a LINK TO THE VOTING PLATFORM. The email will be sent to your UFS issued email address. The Access Key is unique to you as a voter. You are required not to share it with anyone. The Access Keys are generated by KDBS (the independent agency appointed to manage the elections) and not the university.

  5. Access keys will also be required from those who will be using the Kiosks.

  6. Upon accessing the link, you will be required to provide your access key and student number for authentication.

  7. If successfully authenticated, the system will provide you with the ballot so that you can make your voting choices. Next to each candidate, you will find an option to access the manifesto and profile of each candidate.

  8. Once the voting choices have been made you will be requested to Confirm or Edit your choices.

  9. Once confirmed, you will be required to submit the ballot.

  10. A confirmation and verification receipt will be sent to you by email.

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