Final Voting Results


Congratulations to all the winners.

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The elections are managed by KDBS Consulting (Pty) Ltd as the appointed Chief Election Administrator

The University of the Free State (UFS) has appointed KDBS Consulting (KDBS) as the Chief Election Administrator (CEA) to oversee and manage the UFS 2020/21 SRC elections. The election is conducted for the Qwaqwa and South Campus Student Representative Councils (CSRCs) and the CSRC Ex-officio Porfolios for the Bloemfontein and Qwaqwa Campuses. The Bloemfontein campus CSRC is scheduled to take place early in 2021.

The UFS SRC elections are governed by the ISRC Constitution, the SRC Election Procedure (Annexure B), the Ex Officio Student Council Constitution (Annexure E), and Electoral Code of Conduct: Student Representative Council: 2019.


Any candidate meeting the Eligibility Requirements may stand on an independent basis and be nominated for any of the First-Past-The-Post Elective seats. To stand for any of the First-Past-The-Post seats the candidate must have been nominated by a Nominator and Seconded by Students in accordance with criteria established by the SRC Constitution.

SRC Members for the Elective Portfolios must be independent and be elected by the Student

Community in accordance with the Election Procedure.


All Students are entitled to vote for and nominate candidates for Elective Portfolios. Student Councils shall nominate their respective Chairpersons as the candidates for Ex-Officio Portfolios.



Composition and Purpose

The SRC elections are overseen by the Elections Logistics Committee (ELC) which is a “body of persons appointed by the Dean of Student Affairs in consultation with the incumbent CSRC, with the purpose of managing and overseeing the logistical arrangements of the annual CSRC Elections, promoting voter participation and declaring the results of the CSRC” (Section 4.1, SRC Election Procedure).


The Dean: Student Affairs in consultation with the incumbent SRC, has appointed KDBS Consulting as the Chief Election Administrator for the CSRC Elections. The Chief Election Administrator has the final responsibility for the management and operation of the CSRC elections and the declaring of results flowing from the CSRC Elections.

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We encourage you to contact the Independent Electoral Officer at the contact details provided below for any questions that you may have related to the SRC Elections of 2021

0800 061 052 (Toll-Free)

061 452 4499 on Whatsapp


Thank you! We will respond within 24 hrs

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